Empowering vulnerable children and youth

Children's home Lira

A place of safety for the affected children and young people

Teenagers were traumatized by their experiences as child soldiers.

Lira is located in northern Uganda. In 2008, GHU opened a children’s home there with three houses for a total of about 40 children. A civil war with many victims had just ended. There were many war orphans. Teenagers were traumatized by their experiences as child soldiers. Drawings of the affected children showed the unimaginable suffering they had gone through. Initially, we worked with local trauma therapists. In the home, the children and adolescents received consistent relationships and reliable structures. They had enough to eat and were able to attend school. The home in Lira became a safe place for them and slowly their wounds could heal. Nocturnal nightmares and wet mattresses, which were put into the morning sun to dry, were signs that the healing process would take a long time.

Today, the God helps Uganda Children’s Home in Lira is a state recognized institution with 10 years of experience. Most of the children who are admitted are full or half orphans. In addition to having their basic needs covered, the children spend their free time taking part in meaningful projects. In the home, emphasis is also placed on personality development and growing in faith. After visiting the public schools, the young people are also accompanied until they have completed a vocational apprenticeship. Some of them are offered the opportunity to gain their first professional experience within God helps Uganda as a volunteer.

As the GHU home became their real home, many remain connected to the home after their stay and visit it with life partners and children. Some former students even work as educators or in other functions at the children’s home in Lira.