Empowering vulnerable children and youth

Where hope wins

We create safe places for mistreated and severely disadvantaged children and adolescents.

We want to teach kids and teens that love is stronger than hate - and that hope wins.

Not only do we provide for their primary needs and comprehensive protection, but we provide them with a perspective for an independent future through education, training and vocational training as well.

Who am I? What can I do? Where do I belong? These questions guide us as we give our best to help our children and adolescents develop their identity, their talents and their ability to participate in society.

At the same time, we support their ethical and spiritual growth by promoting their physical, social and professional skills. We have strong faith in them and also in God. This confidence strengthens, contributes, stabilizes and helps them to self-help.
By strengthening our individual clients, we always have the promotion of their environment (extended family, village) in our field of vision. So every sponsorship becomes a project sponsorship at the same time.

In our management we act spiritually, professionally, humanly and economically. In merging these aspects, we are pathbreaking. Our intercultural management is characterized by trust and clear policies. We work closely with the families of origin, the authorities and the churches.