Empowering vulnerable children and youth


Encouragement instead of discouragement

The transition into adulthood is also a major challenge for African youth, especially if they have to master it without parents. There are very few job offers available. The economy in Uganda consists of many self-employed people who run their own one-man / one-woman businesses.

How can our young men and women learn to assert themselves in the working world? It begins with values for coping with their lives that were instilled in them through God helps Uganda, such as money management, sexuality and the principle of acting honestly and fairly. These values guide them in their lives. The young people are given good vocational training, such as becoming a mechanic, carpenter, hairdresser, electrician or cook, all skills that are in demand in their society.

As soon as the young adults leave God helps Uganda after completing their apprenticeships, they receive the tools they need to practice their profession (a tool kit, hairdryer hood, fridge for catering …). GHU remains in contact with them in case of emergencies. Their former caregivers are there to coach and encourage them.

The transition into adulthood is a major challenge