Empowering vulnerable children and youth

Foster family Luwafu

In 1999, the first Children’s home of GHU was opened in Luwafu, a district of Uganda’s capital Kampala. A young couple, Christopher and Correti Kimole took over the home management. Christopher worked part-time as a pastor, spending the rest of the time with the six orphans. Their own four biological children gradually joined the family.

Today, the couple looks after the next generation of five children. They do not see themselves so much as a home, but as a foster family and are recognized as such by the state. The foster family is characterized by its family atmosphere. Every member of the family has a permanent place with the corresponding chores in the extended family’s everyday life. They clean, cook and pray together.

The foster parents, who have since become foster care grandparents, understand their responsibility for the orphans entrusted to them as their life’s work.